About Organization

PrivateHelp Initiative was founded to assist the most vulnerable people in Africa and beyond, a country that cannot handle the COVID-19 pandemic on its own. People in poor communities need food, water, shelter, and security, and the PrivateHelp Initiative assists through people like you. 

We recognize that people need to stay home during the pandemic, but not at the cost of food, water, and security. We follow all social distancing and hygienic guidelines, and all donations and distributions are publicized and recorded as a way of showing accountability. 

During this pandemic, we are all in this together, and your money and charity can make Africa a better place.

More About Us

About us

Help and Sustenance is Our Focus

We guarantee Door2Door delivery services and our strategy is simple.

 Support your Hood/Community to provide direct assistance of sustainable food items to enable them to stay at home and remain safe from the spread of COVID-19 pandemic and acute Hunger.

Serve humanity at your convenience, we provide sustainability, transparency and accountability.

Motto: Your 1st online Charity, serving humanity at your convenience.


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Our Objective

The objective is to help the most vulnerable people in Africa during the pandemic, and of course beyond. We aim to provide Sustainable Essential Food Items to the poorest of communities in order to help them stay at home and stay alive during these difficult times.

There is no doubt the pandemic has affected people’s lives and work, and these communities don’t have the means to fight it compared to other areas. However, we aim to help save lives and provide necessities so that they can take care of themselves and limit their exposure to the virus. We wish to provide the most essential needs to these people so that they can stay at home, and of course stay safe.

This is an aim we wish to achieve after the fact as well. Hunger in Africa is a major problem, even before the COVID-19 pandemic, and we aim to help those who need sustenance to sustain their families.

Our initiative and approach to save humanity, to prevent this outbreak in Africa, to ensure everyone stays at home, while they receive their donations of Sustainable Food Items through our Door2Door Delivery system, only our platform can keep you and your loved ones safe in this pandemic.

Your donation towards your communities will help provide food and shelter to eradicate poverty and acute hunger during this stay at home exercise. The purpose of this charity is to enable every well-meaning person in the diasporas and within the communities to contribute, to provide food essentials to the people you love directly in your communities, through our online platform.

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