What You Can Do

You can help us by providing some information as well as a donation. Here is what you need to provide:

How We Do it and How We Hold Ourselves Accountable

We use Door2Door delivery and we practice social distancing guidelines to ensure the pandemic’s spread is contained. As for accountability, we realize that there are many charities that don’t use the money donated properly or for sustenance.

We are open with all donations. Everything is publicized and we livestream all donations. We listen to our donors and will follow their opinions as close as we can. You can watch some of our donations on our website to see for yourself.

What $40/#15,000 Brings You

This donation can provide the following for one household:

Our Donation Categories

We have four categories of donors. 

Silver donors will receive a picture of the household that you donated to. In addition, you get a live Instagram video and a text, email acknowledgement thanking you for your generous donation. 

This is the biggest package. You get everything in the previous categories, plus a certificate and award for your donations. This package is for multiple household donations. This is the best package if you want to help a large numbers of families to stay at home with sustainability for just $40 each and to stop the spread of COVID-19

This package enables you to select the items you want to donate. You get everything in the previous categories, plus a certificate and award for your donations for over 10 households. This is the best package, if you want to choose what you want to give.

We can’t appreciate you enough for your generosity, donate a minimum of $10 and above will help our cause to provide sustenance for more families in need.

Your generosity can make a difference as we weather the storm of COVID-19. While this virus doesn’t appear to be going anywhere, neither are we.