Private Help

an Initiative that supports
Your 1st online Charity, serving humanity at your convenience.

Who Are We?

We are PrivateHelp Initiative, an online charity founded as a response to COVID-19. Our goal is to help you help others at your convenience during this pandemic and beyond, all while following social distancing guidelines. 

Our services are door to door delivery, which means you help people who are vulnerable in your Hood/Communities or your friends, families and acquaintances. While the Government is doing their best, it is not enough to protect the most vulnerable from what is known as the HungerVirus. 

You are able to see your donation in action to give you reassurance that what you’re spending is going to the right people that you choose to donate. You can give Sustainable Essential Food Items and Monetary donations to the people who need it, all from the comfort of your computer screen or Mobile phones or any means at all to the internet.

We also facilitate donations for other Non-For-Profit organisations, to ensure sustenance to the people whom they have received donations on their behalf.

What You Can Do

You can help us by providing some information as well as a donation. Here is what you need to provide:

· Buy Sustainable Food items and ship it to your vulnerable friends and families.

· Donate as little as $10 and above to HELP our cause to reach more families at this increased time of need. 

· What distribution methods you’d like to see for your donations. 

· How you’d like the people in your community to know you are the donor. 

· Customize your Donation Items.



Families Covered

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